Juce – Trü Pickle Juice In A Pouch!

     Why did we start putting our pickle juice in a pouch?

We have recently released Juce – Pickle Juice In A Pouch, and many people are asking how we came up with that idea. We have been working on this product idea for several years now, and it was our customers who got us started on it. We had people that would come up to us at demos and ask if they could have our empty jar of pickle juice when we were done. We had phone calls asking if we could sell them just a jar of the juice, or if they could buy a gallon of it. So we’d ask, “Why?”

Some of the answers we heard to that question, “Why pickle juice?” led us to explore more about what it is about pickle juice that makes it so desirable for many people. Here are some of the things we learned:

  • “I’m a runner (or a biker, or a basketball player, or a martial artist, or a weight lifter, you name it) and I drink the juice to rehydrate and keep from cramping up.”
    • Pickle juice is full of electrolytes – up to 10 times more than leading sports drinks. Exercising hard requires electrolytes to rehydrate, and is especially important to avoid cramping. Our pickle juice has been proven to relieve a muscle cramp in less than a minute. One of our favorite stories is about a high school quarterback who cramped up really bad during a game and had to be benched. A father – FROM THE OPPOSING TEAM – happened to have our pickle juice on hand and told his mother to have him drink some right away. 38 seconds after drinking a couple swigs, the player was back on his feet, cramp free and ready to go. That team went on to win the game. That father was the hero to the opposing team, but took a good lashing from the home team! All in good fun of course.
    • Our pickle juice does contain more sodium than the leading sports drinks, (it IS pickle juice, after all) – however, you do not need to consume a large amount to get the desired effects. You can add a 4 oz pouch to your water bottle throughout your workout for maintenance, or, if you are experiencing a muscle cramp, you can drink the pouch undiluted. Consumers experience sustained muscle cramp relief from one pouch, and it is not necessary to drink multiple pouches. Most leading sports drinks are actually 2-3 serving sizes per bottle, but most people drink the whole thing (or more – as Americans, do we EVER really go off of a serving size?), so the amount of sodium you THINK you are getting in a sports drink is deceiving. They are also full of sugar and other unnecessary (and sometimes unpronounceable) ingredients, and a person could easily consume up to 56 grams of sugar from one bottle. I’ve seen my nieces and nephews drink more than one sports drink in a day, just because they like the sweetness (and it’s a sports drink, isn’t that healthy?), and that is a lot of sugar. The upside of Juce is that there is no sugar, no food coloring, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial ANYTHING. Parents and athletes can both be happy about that! Trü Pickles are made naturally without any artificial ingredients, colors, oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, and that means that Juce is made the same way. Water, vinegar, salt, and infused with natural herbs such as dill, garlic and pepper. That’s it. In case you are wondering what “infused” means, we put those ingredients in basically a giant tea bag and let it sit and marinate in the brine, releasing the flavors and beneficial components without the consumer having to worry about getting an errant dill seed stuck in a tooth or choking on a chunk of garlic. Many coaches in youth sports are now discouraging kids from using those leading sports drinks, because of the sugar content and artificial ingredients. Juce is an effective product that is healthier overall, and delicious, too! www.juceup.com


  • “I get muscle cramps at night when I’m sleeping, and pickle juice helps relieve those cramps.”
    • We have heard from numerous customers that they drink pickle juice before bed to keep those awful night time leg cramps at bay. Vinegar can help with rapid pain relief, and also has been thought to stop the nerve signals that make muscles cramp up. It is believed to be the vinegar, not the sodium, in pickle juice that alleviates cramps. Several of our customers report that drinking a pouch before bed either significantly reduces, or even completely eliminates, restless leg symptoms and leg cramps at night.


  • “Drinking Juce helped with my altitude sickness.”
    • Juce (and Trü Pickles) originate in Littleton, Colorado, where we are already a mile closer to the sun. When people visit Colorado, especially to take in our gorgeous mountains for hiking or skiing, many find themselves suffering from altitude sickness. We have given pouches to people to see how they feel, and most expressed much gratitude for having their symptoms alleviated. It works much the same way as a hangover remedy, in that it aids in rehydration, electrolyte balance, the capsaicin helps the headaches, the dill helps calm the tummy, and in general you feel pretty good. The most important thing to remember in high altitudes is stay hydrated!


  • “I love to use your pickle juice for recipes, but I hate draining my jar of pickles!”
    • Our 4 oz Juce pouches are the perfect amount for many recipes, and you don’t have to drain your jar of pickles to get it. Sure, you could just eat your pickles faster, but just in case you don’t want to, you can use a Juce pouch for some of these ideas (and more of your own):
    • Marinade fish
    • Add it to your bread recipe instead of water
    • Add some to your potato or tuna salad
    • Make pickle juice ice cubes to use in your Bloody Mary’s (and might we recommend using Trü Pickles’ Smokin Mary Mix for an amazing Bloody Mary!)
    • Use a Juce pouch to make a pickleback, or a dirty martini (aka, a Trü-tini)
    • Try making a pickle juice slushy by partially freezing a pouch
    • Make pickle popsicles with Juce
    • Pour some over shaved ice for a pickle snow cone


  • “I drink pickle juice to cure a hangover.”
    • Yep, there ARE people out there that overindulge (not you, of course) and know that pickle juice is the cure. Hangovers have multiple components. Dehydration is what leads to the headaches. Your body tries to restore your fluid levels, and your blood vessels narrow. You may think you are consuming a whole lot of fluids while drinking (and if you add cranberry juice, orange juice, pineapple and coconut, etc, that makes it healthier, right?) but alcohol is a diuretic, which makes you have to urinate more frequently, and you lose more water. Pickle juice contains water and salt, which helps with rehydration and replenishment of electrolytes. Vinegar is also thought to help with headaches, and the capsaicin in the cayenne pepper in our Juce (just a little for flavor, not to be spicy) can help as well by helping those blood vessels dilate. Alcohol also irritates your stomach and intestine, and delays the emptying of your stomach contents. It also causes the production of more gastric acid, all of which leads to nausea, bloating and vomiting. Dill is known to help alleviate nausea and upset stomach, and to help with bloating. Vinegar is also known to be good for settling stomachs, despite intuitively thinking that the acid would make it worse. There’s a reason pregnant women crave pickles, it is a natural nausea reliever! Pickle juice also has probiotic properties that helps the gut as well. This makes Juce a great home remedy for hangover recovery. Incidentally, if you use Juce as part of your dirty martini (what we like to call a Trü-tini) or a pickleback shot, you can get a head start on that hangover cure!


  • “It helps with my menstrual cramps.”
    • Interestingly, we have had many women tell us that they notice a significant improvement in how they feel during that time of the month by drinking a pouch of Juce. Guys, we can’t guarantee it, but it can’t hurt to keep a few pouches around and slip one to your lady when she isn’t feeling quite herself! When all else fails, you can still have the old standby, throw a package of chocolate into the room and run! www.juceup.com


  • “I just love drinking pickle juice!”
    • Yes, there are people that just absolutely love drinking pickle juice because they think it’s delicious. No other reason necessary. Juce pouches are a whole lot easier to carry than a jar of pickles! And it’s a lot easier than trying to suck the juice out of the pickle (and we did have one young fan show us how she tried)! We love to hear people say they get made fun of for drinking pickle juice out of the jar, or told they are crazy for liking pickle juice, and now they can wave a Juce pouch at their doubters and prove that it must be more than craziness or it wouldn’t be in a pouch.

We love listening to our customers and finding out what they use pickle juice for, and after several years of hearing great stories, we finally put our Juce in an easy to carry, convenient pouch. Carrying around a jar of pickles can be difficult and frowned upon, but a 4oz pouch that can be thrown into a backpack and easily carried makes it perfect for hikers, bikers, and everyone else that loves pickle juice.


Try some today – you can order on our website at www.trupickles.com, or ask for it at your nearest Ace Hardware nationwide. More retailers coming soon!


We’d love to hear YOUR stories about how you like your pickle juice!www.juceup.com

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